Post Zero

Published on Feb 25, 2018.

Hi, I’m Borislav, and you can read more about me in the About page.

This is the umpteenth time I start a blog. Hopefully this time I’ll have the… well perseverance I guess… to regularly write about interesting stuff that I learn. I think it’s important and it helps me learn better. The lazyness gets me, though. Well, not this time! Fingers crossed.

This blog is mainly for me, but I’ll be glad if it can help someone with something.

For now I don’t intend for it to be purely technical, but I’ll try to make at least one technical post a month which describes something new that I’ve learned… or at least something old that I’m going back to.

I do intend however to keep the blog purely in English. My writings in Bulgarian will be added to the Articles page along with old articles in English and possibly new ones, which I’ve written specifically to be published in another media.

Implementation details

This is website powered by jekyll. The template borrows a lot of styles from the Modernist theme, but it’s actually custom-made. I am by no means a web developer but just wanted to try writing some html to see what it’s like.

For now the site is hosted with GitHub pages. I don’t know if this will ever change, but I do intend to keep it entirelly open source (for all it’s worth). The source is here.


Well that’s it for an intro post. Off to the next one?

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