I have made small contributions in many open source projects in GitHub. This is the list of the projects for which I’m the principal developer:

Categories: C++, Other languages, Non-software



GitHub, Docs
A library which allows the composition and modification of polymorphic objects at runtime.


GitHub, Docs
A micobenchmarking library and CLI tool. Less powerful than existing libraries but much more easier to integrate and faster to build.


GitHub, Docs
A C++ to JavaScript binding library which supports multiple JavaScript engines and backends.

CEF Demos

GitHub, Docs
A collection of demos with the Chromium Embedded Framework.


GitHub, Docs: Embedded in each header.
A collection of single-header container classes and helpers.


GitHub, Docs: TODO
A call-graph intrusive C++ performance profiling library


GitHub, Docs: TODO
A high-performance and compiler-friendly logging library


GitHub, Docs: I mean to write docs… but, you know ;)
A simple library for 3D mathematics

Word Grid

GitHub, Docs: None yet
A word game where you find words in adjacent cells in a grid


GitHub, Docs: Follows Esoteric’s C API
A C++ runtime for skeletal animation from Spine by Esoteric Software

Other languages


GitHub, Docs
A Ruby CLI tool which helps make use of build artefacts cache in a CI system

This very website.

GitHub, Docs: none
Contains my experiments with HTML5.


GitHub, Docs: none
An abandoned project. A Ruby DSL which generates CMake files.


Ruby for Beginners

An abandoned Ruby video course in Bulgarian for absolute beginners. I might resurrect this someday. I might even start it in English.

Gameloft Course 3D

I lead a course for 3D programming with OpenGL and C++ on behalf of Gameloft Bulgaria in 2011 and 2012.