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Hello. I’m Borislav Stanimirov and I’m a programmer from Bulgaria.

This is a website and blog which I’ll use to collect my existing writings and share interesting new things that I learn.

I’m mainly a C++ programmer but I enjoy learning new langauges. I have written a lot of Ruby and I like playing with Nim, D, lua, MoonScript, Haskell, Lisp, Mathematica, and many more. The languages I dislike include Java, perl, PHP, Pascal, and Basic.

I’m also a game programmer. I’ve been one professionally since 2006 and I’ve worked mainly on mobile games since 2012. I love how diverse and challenging game programming is.

I enjoy playing games, too. And not only video games. There are many card, board and party games that I like, bridge taking lead there. I’ve been playing bridge recreationally since 1999, back when I was in high-school.

Some other preferences and opinions I have:

  • OS: I use Windows and Ubuntu equally. I don’t dislike macOS but I haven’t used it that much.
  • Editor/IDE: I prefer Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and SciTE. I’ve tried learning vim several times, with no success. If I have to use a terminal editor, I use JOE.
  • Version Control: I prefer git or Mercurial. I’ve grown to dislike SVN, CVS, and anything not distributed.
  • C++ standard: Modern. I write mostly in C++11 because some mobile compilers are a bit behind but I use C++14 and 17 when I can.
  • C++ build toolset: I’ve been using CMake exclusively for the past 6 years. I like premake, but unfortunately, it simply lacks features. I dislike SCons.
  • Open-source licenses: I mostly use MIT and CC-By. I’m not a fan of copyleft licenses and I try to avoid them.
  • Bridge bidding system: I play a modified version of Modern Acol with my regular partner but I’m OK with SAYC and Precision too. I like Blue Club, but there are very few people that still play it. I find fourth major openers particularly appealing.
  • Video Games: Some of my favorites are BroodWar, TitanQuest, TLJ, NWN, Baldur’s Gate, and recently Pillars of Eternity.
  • Non-video Games: Besides bridge, I enjoy pen and paper RPGs, The Resistance, charades, and many more.
  • Fiction: I prefer sci-fi, but there are many other genres that I like. The Hyperion Cantos are amongst of my all-time favourites.