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Published on Nov 15, 2018.

I have 577 stars on GitHub. That’s 577 projects which I’ve liked and possibly considered using in some way. Some of them I’ve starred three of four years ago and I certainly don’t remember them all. So hereby I’m starting something which I considered doing a long time ago: Project Stars

This basically means that, starting tomorrow, every single day I’ll post a short blog post about one of the repos I’ve starred on GitHub.

The benefits for the readers

First of all, reading this, you can discover something new, which can be of use to you. The chance is undoubtedly higher if you share my interests in C++ and game development, but many of my stars are not strictly related to this. I have front-end JavaScript libraries, programming languages, books and many more. You can think of it as iboB’s GitHub Repo of the Day. I’d subscribe to this. You should too.

Perhaps more importantly though, this might motivate you to do something similar. Whether it’s blog posts, tweets, or a private list, going through your GitHub stars, bookmarks, and this long check-these-things-out.txt file we all have, seems like a great thing to do regularly as you’ll experience…

The benefits for me

Clearly this is most beneficial for me. It will give me a chance to go through all of these projects and possibly… well, rediscover some of them and make use of them. I’m certain I’ve given some stars based on the brief description alone and this will give me the chance to go a bit deeper and possibly reassess my impression.

Even if I don’t have use of something now, creating this list will help me remember all of these repos better and think of them at the appropriate time. Also searching through the list will help me quickly find stuff using my tags and my words instead of relying on GitHub’s poor stars management.

Project Stars

So, in short, this is what I’m about to do:

  • Every day create a short blog post about a GitHub repo I’ve starred
  • Use the blog’s tags to tag the posts and thus the repos themselves.
  • Write several sentences describing the repo. Review if I’ve used it. Or how I think it may be useful if I haven’t (I haven’t used most of the repo’s I’ve starred, I can tell you that)
  • Start using roughly the reverse order of my starring them: my oldest stars first. This may change in the future.
  • ????

So, look the posts tagged with stars. There will be a new one every day.

Off to the first entry!

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