Project Rants

Published on Jan 03, 2023.

During my many years developing C++ software I have encountered many issues which range from mildly annoying to infuriating. I have previously posted about some of them. In fact I’d say that most of my posts here have been about such things.

I have prioritized these which I deemed more useful to the community and have been witholding ones that I can do nothing about, or, rather, ones which would require too much of investment to address, much in the spirit of this famous tweet.

I have decided to write posts about the rest as well. Perhaps others will get as mad as I am about them, or more, and they will do what I wouldn’t. Perhaps, even though I don’t find them educational, others will.

It’s mostly just venting, though.


So I’ll create a tag rants and post some stuff under it.

And if anyone in power to do something about any of them reads,

fixit fixit

… please.

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