DynaMix v2.0.0 Released

Published on Apr 13, 2023.

DynaMix a C++ library which is a new take on OOP and dynamic polymorphism. It’s been a pet project of mine for many years now.

I just released version 2 which is a complete rewrite of v1. The basic ideas are still there, but the implementation is different.

If you’re frustrated with vanilla C++ OOP, check it out.

And now to my woes…

I have a hard time introducing the library. I have no good elevator pitch. I think that the few people that have spent the time to get what it does did like it and some started using it. There is a small user base out there which does pretty neat things with it.

To the best of my knowledge it takes at least several hours for one to grasp the idea. Better yet if one sleeps on it. It benefits a lot if one has experience with “dynamic” languages like Ruby, Dart, Scala, or PHP, but if one’s experience is mainly with C++ or other languages which have a similar approach to OOP, like C# or Java, it’s pretty tough.

I think it can be very beneficial in many situations, but I’m struggling with making such an approach more known.

About ten years ago I submitted it to Boost, but since it usually takes hours for one to “get it”, it never got any reviews. The questions and comments I hear are “So what does it do?”, “I don’t think it’s useful”, “My needs are covered by virtual functions and inheritance. This is a pointless overcomplication”, and so on.

So yeah, I should focus on marketing I guess.

Until I come up with a better way to explain it, if you like Ruby or Scala, but also write a lot of C or C++, yes, all five of you, do check it out. I think you’ll like it.

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