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Published on Nov 22, 2018.

Some of the projects I’ve starred aren’t libraries or something I’d use in my code, but rather open source software which I use. And some are a mix of the two.

Repo reveal.js hakimel/reveal.js: The HTML Presentation Framework
License MIT
Language JavaScript
Status Stable. Several commits a month.
Links Website: Wiki: reveal.js/wiki


I’m sure most of you already know of reveal.js. For those who don’t: it’s a presentation framework. You can think of it as an alternative to PowerPoint or Impress, but it’s oriented towards people who are comfortable with writing at least some HTML. So… mostly programmers, I guess.

The straightforward way of using it is to create your HTML, load reveal.js inside and create some sections for your slides. The framework takes care of the rest. It’s that easy to have slides which are accessible from anywhere with a browser. Now of course the framework offers you much more like fragments, direction of slides, syntax coloring of code, but since it is the browser running it all, everything possible inside a browser is possible in your slides: embedding videos, images, animations, 3D rendering with WebGL. You just have to write some code.

Being a frequent speaker at conferences and events and a programmer I personally love reveal.js and wouldn’t use anything else. I am very much a fan of the idea of writing code to produce visuals. I am a programmer and I am comfortable with plain text. That’s why I prefer Markdown to MS Word, SVG (yes you can actually write your own SVG-s) to Adobe Illustrator, and of course reveal.js to MS PowerPoint.

If you are a programmer who makes talks with slides, you should try it too.

This post is part of my Project Stars where I post a short review for each of the 500+ repos that I’ve starred on GitHub.
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