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Published on Nov 23, 2018.

The main qualities of a library don’t need to be the amount of features or the stellar performance. I mean, those are great qualities, but sometimes I don’t care that much about them, and instead want something which is easy to use and integrate.

Repo json11 dropbox/json11: A tiny JSON library for C++11.
License MIT
Language C++
Status Complete. Seems abandoned. No commits since June, 2017


json11 is a small library for serialization and deserializaton to JSON written in pure C++11. It’s not the fastest out there and it’s not the most feature-rich one either. However, it has a nice and readable syntax. Using it can make C++ JSON serialization feel like JavaScript.

It’s pretty easy to integrate too. It has a Makefile and CMakeLists.txt but you can copy just the single header and single cpp file in your project and it works just as well. I’ve used it on a couple of occasions where all I wanted was JSON and I didn’t care that much about performance. It’s what it’s for.

This post is part of my Project Stars where I post a short review for each of the 500+ repos that I’ve starred on GitHub.
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